Harrison Hope wines come dressed in four labels each representing a completely different range of product.

Estate Wine

ESTATE WINES are the rich and varied vintages grown, crushed, pressed, aged, and bottled on Harrison Hope Wine Estate! The rich variations of the first vintages arise from the hostile and unpredictable terroir in which the vines are challenged to produce a crop. Two out of three years late frosts burned the primary canes black overnight. One year the harvest was reduced to a few crates by a devastating hail storm in December. But Harrison Hope presses on and the estate wines always reflect a calm exterior covering a depth of struggle that cannot be found in any other South African terroir. In 2015 the fierce HH vines were hit by hail on three separate occasions.


2009  Estate Pinotage – SOLD OUT

2012  Estate Pinotage
2012  Estate Merlot – SOLD OUT
2012  Dry Red Wine  (Pinotage host wine)

2013  Estate Chardonnay – SOLD OUT
2013  Estate Merlot

Night Opus

NIGHT OPUS WINES are the bold vintages crushed, pressed, crafted and bottled on Harrison Hope from grapes imported from the western Cape. The 2009 Pinotage set the standard for this range and gave rise to the name, Night Opus. Ronnie brought a ton of Franschhoek pinotage grapes home in 2009 by pulling a trailer alone for eleven hours through an entire night. In order to protect the quality of the grapes and to insure the quality of the finished wine this all night labor of love was chosen and the HH Night Opus range was born. Unfortunately the 2009 Night Opus is sold out.


2009  Pinotage – SOLD OUT

Pilgrims Road Bin

PILGRIMS ROAD BIN are the personally selected western Cape wines that Ronnie and Janet find while doing their annual Cape Road Trips!   Harrison Hope does not produce sufficient quantities of wines to satisfy the thirst for Hope wines from the estate so the cellar selections are significantly increased with unlabelled wines from the south.  Ronnie and Janet have enjoyed Road Trips in many wine regions of North America, Europe, and South Africa and celebrate their journeys by sharing fine wines from what they call Pilgrims Road Bin!


2008  Cabernet Savuvignon
2008  Shiraz

Social Awarness

The Vehorns moved to South Africa in 1988 with their 3 small children to work in the rural Xhosa’s villages west of Queenstown. Social Awareness and Economic Development were pillars in their vision and lives for the past 27 years. The one social awareness wine arise from it’s continued aim to make a positive impact for the people of the Eastern Cape. When you fill your glass with an HH Social Awareness Wine you are investing along with them in a more prosperous, productive, and innovative future for the Eastern Cape


2013  Uthango (Red Blend)

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