Friends of the Hope have not only given moral support but some hands on labour.  In 2009 after Emma’s Plot vineyard was added to Genesis vineyard an avenue was opened to make it possible for Friends of the Hope to support the development of the Estate financially.  On the end posts of the rows in Emma’s Plot a few brass plaques are located with names, years, and country of residence engraved.

Twenty out of 59 rows are sponsored by Friends of the Hope with these permanent brass plaques.  When those Friends or their family and friends visit Harrison Hope a map of Emma’s Plot is given so the special brass plaques can be located and polished.  The plaques are purchased at the cost of the vines in the rows and will remain permanent fixtures on the Estate as long as there is Hope.

The final 39 rows are still available at a cost of $100 (R1200) per row.  Add your name or the name of a loved one to the history of the Hope and to the pioneering legacy of the Eastern Cape’s first wine estate.  Contact HH for details and booking plaques.

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