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“Community Above Commerce”

Wine clubs around the world have as their primary aim selling wine to club members. Don’t blame Harrison Hope if we are not there yet but give us time. As we launch the HH story and limited wine editions from “the Eastern Cape’s first wine estate” we are circling the HH wine community wagons into a laager of passionate wino’s who believe in the little guy who had the guts to try.

“Friends of the Hope” would be called a wine club by most but there is a strange, emotive feature that defines the mission of the community as “keeping the dream alive.” Friends of the Hope exist to encourage, to promote, to communicate, to gather, to visit, and to buy and share HH wines until this dream stands on a stable and enduring platform of enthusiasm and success! The primary purpose of Friends of the Hope is not purchasing HH wines but finding ways to make sure that Harrison Hope innovation and pioneering do not die in the Founders’ generation!

The aim of the Friends of the Hope is to celebrate “what has never been done just got done!” Friends of the Hope is a “wine community” focused on Harrison Hope’s “out on a limb” venture. You are invited to become an integral member of this order of dream pilgrims and wine strangers who love life, give their best, and break bread and drink wine….HH wines! Fill in the details below and add wind to the HH sails. Help encourage, help enlarge, help insure The Hope!

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