BURNING OF THE CANES – September/October

The Harrison Hope lifestyle incorporates special gatherings and the creation of events throughout the wine year. Wine gatherings of Friends, music concerts, art exhibitions, creative literary events, and a steady flow of food and wine options will create a calendar of celebrations, culture, and community from bud burst in September to
pruning in August.

Harrison Hope launched a unique event not encountered before on any of our travels through different wine regions in America, England, Europe, and South Africa. “The Burning of the Canes” was first held in August 2008 when the dried canes pruned that year were burned in a large bonfire just before bud burst.

In other years HH Friends have joined forces to bottle mature vintages or to label a wine ready for the market. In March 2015 HH hosted the first food and wine Saturday with a “Taste Of The Deep South,” a culinary journey through some home cooked southern USA pulled pork bbq and sides for 20 people.

Notices of HH events will appear in our blogs and emails to our list of Friends of the Hope. Make sure your details are in our records on the Friends of the Hope page.

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