When the 2009 harvest rolled around with beautiful wine grape clusters the Vehorns had to “maak n plan” for a cellar. From that first harvest until the 2014 vintages the original Settler homestead (circa 1860) of William Harrison Stubbs housed the HH Cellar. W.H. Stubbs was an English military officer who had lost an arm in one of the 14 Frontier Wars that raged off and on over a 100 year period in South Africa’s troubled and turbulent past. As recognition for his service and for his physical loss the Cape Governor granted Stubbs a large tract of land east of the Klipplaat River in Whittlesea. His choice of homesites became HH’s first choice of cellars.

In October 2014 with financial assistance form the Eastern Cape Development Corporation work began on the new wing of the Cellar. Once the new wing was functional work began on the renovation/makeover of the old cellar facility.

Even though the 2015 wines have been created in the new wing and sections of the renovation the HH Cellar remains a “work in progress.” The completion of the office, tasting room, outdoor deck and dining areas is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015. Regardless of these challenges and inconveniences Harrison Hope marches forward without hesitation.

Once the Cellar is completed HH will be positioned to expand production and services to projected levels of success, reach, and range dreamed of at the conception of this amazing journey. Stay tuned as the HH Cellar becomes the wine destination of choice in the Eastern Cape Province.

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