The Vehorn family immigrated to South Africa in the winter of 1988 when Ronnie and Janet packed up their belongings into 12 suitcases, their 3 young children in tow, and boarded a plane from the USA. With intentions of working in the rural villages of the old northern Ciskei/Hewu the family arrived on the Queenstown Railway platform on July 1, 1988. Luke was 8 years old, Abbey was 4, and Lauren was 2. Even though he now resides in the USA Luke stayed in South Africa long enough to become a Queens College Old Boy. The girls completed their secondary education as home schoolers and eventually made their way back to South Carolina. All three are married with Luke and Abbey living in South Carolina. Lauren resides in Tucson, Arizona. All are too damn far from The Hope and from Gran and Damps!


After matriculating from QC in 1997 Luke returned to the USA to work and to attend the College of Charleston (SC) where he earned a BA degree in Studio Art. Following college Luke met Michelle and managed to bring her to The Hope for a year. In February 2011 Luke and Michelle were married at Harrison Hope in the Old Mill Ruins overlooking the Klipplaat River. Those ruins are featured on all HH Estate wine labels. On Valentine’s Day 2014 Luke and Michelle welcomed little Harrison into the world, naming him after Harrison Farm in Africa.


After Abbey’s completion of Grade 12 in the HH home school plus another year in East London completing a culinary course she returned to the USA to decide for herself whether Africa or America! The final answer to that question came when she said “I do” to Dan Morris in March 2007. Emma Elizabeth came along to start the next generation in the HH Family Tree in March 2009. Emma’s Plot single block vineyard was planted in 2009 and named after this first grandchild. Her brother, Henry, joined the family in October 2013. The Morris family will be living in the Columbia SC area from June 2015.


Lauren completed her Grade 12 a year after Abbey and spent another year in South Africa studying interior design while living with a pack of party animals in Stellenbosch. Following the completion of her studies joined the migration to the USA to join her brother and sister. Within 2 years tennis coach Arron Spencer came along and another SC wedding gave the final answer to her question, “American or Africa?” Arron is currently the Men’s Assistant Tennis Coach at the University of Arizona. Lauren is on the staff of DeWitt Design, Tucson, Arizona.


The HH Family has always had a few hairy Labrador members known as Cellar Dogs. A few fine canine memories rest in peace beneath the apricot tree near the Safari Den. The graves are unmarked in the kikuyu carpet but precious memories are not forgotten. Maggie, Cracker, Bo, Willie and a couple fine puppies that did not survive to weaning found their final resting places “Beneath The Apricot Tree.” The present old girl of the Hope is a 14 year old graying yellow Lab named Amber Pain. The last in our long line of Labrador Cellar Dogs is the big and black Jenny BangBang.

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