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Harrison Hope consumes a great deal of solitude in our space between the vineyards and the main roads of every village, town, and city out there!  The dawning hours are creative moments fueled on Coffee&Comms.  The evening Sundowners slow down as Mother Nature tucks her creation if for each night’s rest.  Then the dead silence of the dark welcomes the appearance of the Southern Cross on the horizon of Stubbs Hill.  The silence is usually broken by Thula declaring:  “We should be braai-ing!”   While stirring the coals under the grill I strongly agree!

Then come the staged events where Friends of the Hope circle the taxis from town and settle into The Hope for a Saturday’s communion.  The HH Boma serves as the inner sanctum of these “communion of the ain’ts” like the Friday the 13th (March) gathering of 20 friends from the Queenstown area.  The feast of the month in March was “A Taste of the Deep South,”  a culinary journey through some South Carolina down home cooking.

Menu:   Slow Cooked Boston Butt Pulled Pork BBQ/with East Carolina Private Bin BBQ Sauce…Lowcountry Cole Slaw from the archives of Charleston SC…Mom’s Sunday Sacrament 3 Cheese/Mac & Cheese….settled with Thula’s Scratch Brownies and Ice Cream!   At Harrison Hope wine and food pairing is simplified to make it easy on all comers!!!   “What wine goes with this dish?”   Answer:  “The HH Vin du Jour…what did we bring from the Cellar tasting!”

Our next Friends Communion Saturday is fermenting in the Hope Think Tank and will soon be posted for bookings!  Watch this space and be ready to book upon notice.   These events are limited to 20 Friends and fill up quickly.

See you soon at The Hope!

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