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Harrison Hope & The Wine Journey are far beyond the beginning lines and early glasses of riesling in green stemmed Bavarian crystal.   Threads of the story disappear on Rhine River boats back in 1975!   Threads in the fabric of the  wine tale connect vintage dots from vineyard picnics in South Carolina to celebrative toasts in Oregon estates and Cape of Good Hope wineries to arid attempts in the Oranjerivierwynkelders!  The threads are past the point of tracing here so we pick up the HH & The Wine Journey running at full bore in 2015 where the focus shifts from a private, personal romance with each other and with wine to the development of a wine community of Hope, of passion, of mutual affection for “safe places, still times, and special friends.”   The storyline appears here in public under the banner of “B.U.I./Bloggin’ Under the Influence!”     At Harrison Hope the story runs true to living Under the Influence of important abiding themes… faith, passion, friendship, romance, and legacy!    We invite you along now as the story continues to unfold with the 2015 vintages already settled for the long maturation naps in oak, with the new cellar crawling towards completion, with the new HH.com website offering communion and commerce never before ventured.   As we used to say back home in South Carolina those years before South Afica:  “Y’all come!”    Jump into www.harrisonhope.com,  keep an eye open for HH Facebook page, and join the Harrison Hope Wine Community under “Friends of the Hope!”   You know the famous quote from a well of ancient African wisdom:  “He who travels alone travels fast;  he who travels together travels far!”   Our Hope contains a desire to travel farther on this wine journey so come along!   “Ladies and Gentlemen, charge your glasses!”    Bon Voyage….and Siyahamba phambile!   “We are going forward…..Bloggin’ Under the Influence!

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